EnchantmentSlots help you add enchantment slot in your server. All weapons, tools, armors will have a new attribute: enchantment slot. Players can only enchant a maximum of enchantment slot value enchantments to an item. This will help your server avoid player has too many enchantments and break the PvP or PvE balance.


  • Packet based, your server won't get the lore we added, only client will display it, this means we compatibility with most item plugins.

    • Even support creative mode!

  • Auto lore update. Support all existed items, even item exist before install this plugin.

  • Support other real enchantments plugins, like EcoEnchants, ExcellentEnchantments.

    • AdvancedmentEnchantments and EpicEnchants are not real enchantment plugin, so this plugin won't work for them.

  • Built-in condition system, you can make ranked players have more default enchantment slots.

  • Can set different item has different enchantment slot, support third-plugin item, vanilla item, and even MMOItems's tier!

  • Support enchant in EnchantGui plugin.

  • Players can use extra slot item to make their item have more enchantment slots. (Support custom texture with custom-model-data)

    • Can set add-slots, chance, apply-items, success-actions and fail-actions in it.

  • Set black rules, make specified items won't display enchantment slot lore but still has enchantment slot feature!

  • Add 4 placeholders which can also display enchantment slots info in other item plugins!

    • Do not perfectly support other packet-based plugin, like EcoItems.

  • PlaceholderAPI support, can use our expansion to display main hand item's empty slot amount and max slot amount.

  • Auto remove illegal extra enchantments.

    • We can only forbidden add enchantments by vanilla ways, like enchanting table and anvil.

    • We can't forbid add enchantments by other way, for example, buy enchant in shop plugin, they will directly change the item enchant without calling an event. This feature will remove the extra enchantments by those illegal ways.

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